Action: Prepare submission including evidence under oath.
Outcome: ATO acceptance of the submission and client position.

Action: Reconstruct tax returns and negotiate penalties and interest.
Outcome: Exclude ATO error duplication.
Action: Submission complying with PSLA and Tax Rulings.
Outcome: A complete remission of general interest charge.
Action: Took the matter to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal.
Outcome: Won the matter and payroll tax was not paid on the basis alleged.
Action: Agree with the ATO that deferred payment of tax should take place until after the outcome of the court proceedings was known.
Outcome: Agreement with the ATO and subsequent payment of the outstanding tax with reasonable remissions of GIC and penalties.
Action: Established the credit funds were not income – asset betterment.
Outcome: The ATO allowed the objections and tax reduced to nil.
Action: Analyse the lease provisions and outgoing expenses.
Outcome: Prepared material for the lawyers to use for affidavit evidence.
Action: Analyse the ATO calculation and correct errors.
Outcome: SGC reduced from $4.4 million to $530k.
Action: Work with real estate agent to obtain tenant and funding.
Outcome: Obtained 4,000 sqm national chain operator and funded $23m of building expansion.
Action: Involve the major key executives in a profit and equity employee plan.
Outcome: Introduced employee share plan within the Asian country’s guidelines and prepared the company for a public offering – results have improved dramatically.
Action: Negotiate the sale of the minority interest to the majority.
Outcome: A successful sale with both sides accepting the position.
Action: Employ European CEO familiar with the machinery.
Outcome: Obtained the CEO and put in place a share acquisition plan to take out the existing shareholders.
Action: Provide material to substantiate flow of funds.
Outcome: Enabled the Defence Barristers to cross-examine Crown witnesses.
Action: Registration of a foreign company in Australia.
Outcome: Successful joint venture opportunities pursued.
Action: Prepare feasibility studies including EIS computer strategy analysis.
Outcome: Viability of reservation system questioned and the acquisition did not proceed.
Action: Obtain a class order from ASIC in respect of consolidated financial statements.
Outcome: With the result that only the holding company’s accounts need to be lodged. Savings in audit and accounting fees and confidentiality.
Action: Prepare submissions to the ATO and argue before the AAT.
Outcome: The matter proceeded in front of the AAT.
Action: Tax Due diligence including environmental aspects.
Outcome: The acquisition did not proceed as the acquisition was not financially viable and there were environmental issues unresolved by the vendors.
Action: Provide tax and financial due diligence questionnaire and spreadsheets to enable assessment of acquisition by advisers to the Australian purchaser.
Outcome: Purchaser did not proceed as the business was not viable.
Action: Considered potential breach identified and issue rectified.
Outcome: Superfund complied with the requisite legislation after an enforceable undertaking.
Action: Take advantage of amnesty under Project Do IT.
Outcome: Disclosure with ATO of 4 years income, no prosecutions and limited penalty.