Donald Pearson
LLM (Syd), B Comm, LLB (UNSW)
Sydney Tax Advisory
Tel: +61 2 9363 2477
Don has over 30 years collective experience as a Solicitor and a Chartered Accountant and has provided tailored taxation advice and services to a wide range of clients in the following areas: Tax planning – International and Domestic; Management of Tax Controversy; Assistance with Transfer Pricing issues; Documenting Transactions and Structures' Business, Acquisitions Sales and Restructuring; Estate Planning.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Qualifications
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Laws
Master of Laws
Solicitor Supreme Court of NSW Chartered Tax Adviser Taxation Institute of Australia
Qualified as a Chartered Accountant (previous member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia).

Experience/Major Projects

Acting as solicitor for a large private group of companies in a matter which involved managing 44 appeals to either the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or to the Federal Court culminating in settlement of $207 million in dispute for $24 million.

Acting as solicitor in respect of four appeals made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal concerning the application of transfer pricing rules to management services ending in settlement of the matter involving no further payment of tax.

Preparation of objection to assessment issued to a non-resident trustee of over $300 million in tax and penalties resulting in allowance of the objection in full.

Advice and assistance regarding operation of Tax Sharing and Tax Funding Agreements including advice in connection with the operation of accounting standards in circumstances where Future Income Tax Benefits had been booked for notional tax losses incurred by subsidiary members of a consolidated tax group.

Advice on and assistance with designing the structure for joint-venture partners to acquire mining assets, one of the partners being a non-resident.

Design of a separate mining operations structure including preparation of a mine operations contract.
Advice and assistance in the structuring of a joint-venture entered into between a group of private companies and the corporate arm of the State Government to construct a Windfarm.

Advice on merger of two consolidated groups. Advice on the acquisition of coal mining tenements in Indonesia by a listed Australian company. Advice provided to a company acquiring a manufacturing operation in China.
Advice provided to an international bank in respect of structuring equipment leasing operations established in Taiwan and Indonesia.

Advice on the debt equity status of subordinated term notes issued to fund the construction of a power station including advice on issuing further notes stapled to ordinary shares. Advice on and assistance with the income tax and stamp duty aspects of the sale of a Windfarm.

Advice on and assistance with the income tax and stamp duty aspects of the sale of shares in companies which owned two coal-fired power stations. Advice and assistance in structuring joint ventures between group companies to develop and sell land.

Design, implementation and monitoring of estate plans for high network familes, incorporating a mechanism to allow succession on an appropriate basis from generation to generation and ensuring the rule against perpetuities has no operation.Current Founder of Pearson Tax Lawyers, Boutique Tax Practice

1993 to 1997 Tax Technical Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

1992 to 1993 Partner, Corrs Chambers Westgarth

1984 to 1989 Partner, Duesburys Chartered Accountants

1981 to 1984 Manager, Arthur Andersen Chartered Accountants

The Team of Sydney Tax Advisory


Adrian Abbott


A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and holds a Practising Certificate with the Institute. Adrian is a Chartered Tax Advisor of the Tax Institute of Australia and is a Fellow of the Institute of The Governance Institute of Australia.


Simon Patterson


A Chartered Accountant holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Simon has United States tax experience and has worked in commerce.